My best Spas in Los Angeles recommendation

So in my last post I wanted to tell you why I made the site Spas in Los Angeles. Here I am going to go into more detail about why I think the Blvd Hotel is my recommended spa. Before I do click here to see the different types of packages the spa offers.


So lets get straight into it.

Everyone needs an escape every so often, and the best escapes come with opulent accommodations, spa visits, and plenty of things to do that aid your relaxation time.


With gentle facials, relaxing massages, and body treatments, even the most hassled person can feel good as new. The BLVD Hotel and Spa is one of the top rated hotels in Los Angeles, and is considered to be one of the most trendy and upscale new spa hotels in the United States. One of the main reasons I think this is one of the best spas in Los Angeles is the close proximity to all major locations in the Los Angeles area.


It doesn’t matter whether you are male, female, old, young, or pregnant – everyone needs a massage once in a while. Your vacation time is a perfect time to enjoy this age-old healing tradition. The BLVD Spa offers a massage that will kick your visit off the right way. Relax as caring, experienced hands give you a massage that is tailored to your needs.


The BLVD Spa offers Hot Stone, Maternity, Swedish, Deep Tissue, and the house’s BLVD Signature massage. The BLVD Signature massage is a personalized blend of different massage techniques that is made to relax, heal, and rejuvenate.


Every single treatment at the BLVD Spa uses only the highest-quality ingredients. Famous skincare lines such as Epicuren and Bioelements are used in every body treatment, massage, and facial. The staff at BLVD Spa believe that surroundings can make or break a spa experience, and their efforts to enhance a spa treatment can be seen in the sleek decoration that characterizes BLVD Hotel and Spa. All treatments are done in-house, surrounded by placid, chic, and modern decor.


With over 15 different treatments to choose from, it can be nearly impossible to choose. Luckily, the trained staff at BLVD Spa can assist you in choosing the right facial, massage, or body treatment for your personal needs. Simply ask for advice, and you shall get a quick consultation on what would work for your body. Spa services also can come with add-ons, such as waxing and tints.


The BLVD Hotel and Spa also offers special packages for visitors. For a great spa trip, consider getting a one or two night stay with a Signature Treatment.  After all, a great trip to a spa is best finished with a nice, long nap or a swim in the pool. These Special Packages are available at the BLVD website, and will save you a lot of money. Book your dream escape today and see exactly why this is one of the best spas in Los Angeles!

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Spas in Los Angeles

Alright, so why a site called Spas in Los Angeles and why should you listen to what I have to say?

Well, first of all I do not  own a spa and this site was designed to help someone looking to better their spa treatment, and to make informed decisions on how to pick your next spa service. I made this website in appreciation of all the wonderful experiences I had at the BLVD Hotel in Studio City.

Note: I did pick this particular spa because I feel as though they needed to get more exposure and I truly am content with my experiences there. Now I am not going to bash on any actual spa companies but I will make a solid recommendation for one Spa company, The BlVD Hotel and Spa in Studio  City California, because they are highly respectable, and provide great treatment, services, and packages. So hopefully this site will provide you with some helpful tips on how to pick spa treatments and locations for you.

Now, hopefully when you went online to try and decide on which place you wanted to get that Swedish massage or relaxation therapy you typed in something like Spas in Los Angeles, and if I designed this site correctly, I should have been one of the first results you found.

….and lucky for you, you have found me!

Before I get started on this epic journey of how to find the perfect spa massage place I always thought all spa treatment centers were the same. I mean you have your Swedish massages, sport massages, services, treatments, packages, Jacuzzis, and  all the other relaxing amenities that one would think every spa would have. Well little did I know not all spas provide these general amenities.  If you thought the same, well then no worries because I will explain all the details, here at Spas in Los Angeles. I will show you what to look for when trying to find the spa that fits for you. It is not as simple as going to a spa that offers full body therapy and has a nice Jacuzzi. There is more to it then that.

First of all i want to give you one word of warning. You cannot rely on an organization like the Better Business Bureau to vouch for a company. Most people are not aware of this, but the Better Business Bureau is not any type of official governing body like their name implies and they are actually paid by the businesses they represent! Can you say conflict of interest? Here is a very eye opening story about the BBB that you might want to check out.

Los Angeles Spas

It also important to note where you massage therapists get their certifications from. Are they apart of the spa certification groups  and what kind of experience do your therapists have. You want your massage therapist to have experience in whatever type of massage you are trying to get. You would think this is common but the fact is most people do not ask questions, and it is possible that the spa you are currently receiving treatment from will withhold that information from you if you do not specifically ask.

Ok so I want you to wrap your head around this as far as the first post is concerned. I look forward to sharing more information with you at Spas in Los Angeles Dot Com and I hope  the information in the upcoming posts will help you easily decide on which spa service you will choose next.

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Spas in Los Angeles and Stress Relief

Spas in Los Angeles and stress release go hand and hand. Fortunately spas in Los Angeles offer a great resource to the stressful lives that people live in the L.A. area. From the robotic 9-5 job, to the corporate businessman, to the college kid studying for finals; stress is something that people in Los Angeles are accustomed to dealing with in their everyday lives. However, with the variety of different spas in the area stress can be a forgotten thing with a little bit of balance and smart budgeting. This is where spa treatments and services come in to solve your stress concerns.

Spas offer a holistic and fulfilled experience where individuals step away from their hectic routine life and walk into a world of tranquility and piece. No matter what your budget is there is a spa treatment and service that will benefit you. From luxury spas in Beverly Hills to basic spa treatments in your local neighborhood, there is something for everybody.

Having these spa treatments can relieve an individuals’ stress in many ways, and here is an example. Every day whether you believe it or not our body deals with stress from different situations. From barely getting into an argument to missing the assignment deadline, these stressor take a toll on the body and mind. If ignored stress related symptoms will accumulate and eventually so unbearable that you would think something is wrong with you. Fortunately when going to a spa the experience that one gets eases the mind and body. Having a professional massage will help get rid of the toxic lactic acid that builds up from stress and other factors. Spa services such as Jacuzzis, relaxing music, calming ambience will take you into a blissful moment that will carry over to your next day and week. It is important to remember to have balance in everything you do and spa massages and/or services will help with balancing your work and stressful life.

Now lets talk about some of the beneficial treatments to help yourself get rid of stress. The first one on the list are therapeutic massages. These massages are beneficial in many ways. As mentioned above accumulated stress over time builds toxic lactic acid in your muscles. The best way to rid yourself of these toxins is to get a massage. Different types of massages will have different affects on the body. For example sports massages can be quite painful but will really dig into your tissue and release knots and stress that have developed from stress or injuries. Another type of stress relieving massage include myofascial release. Myofascial release is a type of massage that digs deep into tissue and clears up rigid and tough to release knots and scar tissue. This is recommended for athletes and people with chronic stress symptoms. I personally receive myofascial work on my calves and ankles from sporting injuries. Hurts but does the job.

Another way to utilize spa services for stress release is to be aware of the different services such as saunas, steam baths, and hydrotherapy tubs. Whenever you see these types of services I want you to think of how relaxing your experience at the spa will be. If you can not afford a massage or do not want a massage spend a day at a spa where they have these types of services and amenities. This is just another way to tackle your stress symptoms and find that balance that you need.

Remember finding the spa that is right for you is something that will come with trial and error. Hopefully the knowledge and information from these blog posts will help you locate the spa that will help you relieve your stress while still be kind to your wallet.

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How to pick a spa

Alright so more on how to pick a spa. In the following video you are going to find some of the best advice anywhere on how to pick a spa. These people know what they are talking about and the advice here is invaluable. Enjoy.

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What to look for in a spa?

Spas in Los Angeles are everywhere and not knowing what to look for in a spa is like not knowing which mechanic to go; if you go to the wrong one it will be an expereince you will want to forget. Luckily there is some good information out there on places you should go to get your spa treatments, massages, and all the other great amenities spa services have to offer.

I want to share with you a great article on how to find the right spa that fits for you. Now these guidelines go well with any kind of spa you are looking for and the advice is great. Check it out.

What to look for in a luxury spa?

by Kathryn Lively

When you’re feeling rather so-so, a bit shaggy around the ends, and need just an afternoon away from work and the kids to relax, nothing beats a luxury spa appointment. A massage to ease the ache in your tired muscles feels great, and when you spring for a manicure or pedicure, or opt for a facial treatment to rejuvenate your skin, you’re likely to feel ten years younger.

Depending on where you live, there are likely many spas and salons within a short driving distance ready to pamper you. How can you tell which one is right for you, and provides the quality service you deserve? Prices may vary according to a la carte services, and it’s always helpful to ask these questions before you make an appointment.

1) What would your friends recommend? Ask around. Surely you’ll know somebody who’s had a spa day, and can advise you on where to go for your styling and grooming. Spa services aren’t always about beauty, either, but promoting healthier skin and a positive attitude, so if you know a friend whose gone in recently for such an adjustment, get the details.

2) Are the massage therapists certified? Yes, you have to go to school to become certified in massage therapy. A good MT must know exactly where to knead and which oils and lotions to use for total relaxation. Most massage therapists will have their certification visible, but if you’re curious be sure to ask.

3) Is there special pricing for packages? With all the services one might offer, you could find yourself getting nickel and dimed if you select several options and find there’s no discount. Peruse websites and brochures of local salons and compare pricing. It’s a good idea, too, to check if you’re going to an actual spa as opposed to a nail salon or tanning salon that offers extra services.

4) What about hypoallergenic or “green” products? If you are concerned about allergic reaction, or prefer to use organic and eco-friendly products, ask the salon if they provide such alternative options. It may surprise you to know how many spas are going green.

Once you’re certain of which spa you want to utilize, arrange your appointment and prepare to be pampered!

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Welcome to Spas in Los Angeles Dot Net

Stay tuned for everything you need to know about Spas in Los Angeles

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